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VUE 15 Developer's Kit
VUE 15 Developer's Kit
VUE 15 Developer's Kit
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Product Description
The LV series shatters all existing price/performance benchmarks for laser diode control, thanks to the use of the latest microprocessor and switch mode power conversion technologies. Unlike traditional drivers in which op-amps, resistors and capacitors regulate the output current, the LV's current regulation is a software algorithm running on a fast microcontroller. Replacing hardware components by software code insures stability and reliability, since circuits wear out and react to ambient temperature but programs do not.

Output current is produced by a switch mode drive stage, minimizing the waste heat generated and consequently the size. The 30A LV-30 can be easily held in one hand: its PC board measures only 0.6” x 2.5” x 6.3”.

Since all vital control functions are in software, we are able to add features without any increase in size or cost. Standard units include two pulsed modes (internally clocked or externally triggered), direct current control by an applied analog voltage, safety interlocks, an RS-232 interface and a high performance USB interface. Like all VueMetrix controllers, the LV continuously protects against anomalous conditions that may endanger the laser or the controller itself. LV also implements Autostart, our standard protocol that allows our controllers to start up and run without any external interface at all.

Our standard Windows interface program, WinVue, facilitates first time setup and daily operation. WinVue is a full user interface in a familiar Windows environment, and is ideal for laboratory use, data acquisition, and troubleshooting.

The LV Developer's Kit contains everything you need to get started right out of the box: a packaged LV unit, WinVue, a power supply, and a set of connectors and cables. Simply wire up your laser diode and you're ready to start.